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Importance Of Education

Education is the key to success and no one can achieve its objectives and successful life without education. Education works as a backbone for the prosperity of any nation. This is not the era in which you rule the world on the basis of manpower and armed forces. You have to rely on education for your existence and for the existence of human beings in general.
Importance of Education

Importance of Education can easily be seen in every aspect of our life including but not limited to technology, medical sciences, decision making, Construction of buildings, character building and simple calculations and so on. Education is critical because of:

Education makes the man perfect: According to a survey conducted, people described the traits of a man perfect and around 80% of people cast votes in favor of education.

Compulsory for a society: Society builds upon you, your children, your wife. If you and your wife are educated, then you will also teach your child and try to provide the best education. Today’s society is building quite speedy with new and latest technologies, in order to be compliant you and your family need to be educated.

Religious: Education is required in a religious context. Various religious strongly recommend attaining education. Education makes man and woman knowledgeable which he or she can apply in daily life for maximum advantages.

Resolve Conflicts: Education has refined people’s minds. Gone are the days when a nation fights with each other on ordinary issues. Now after becoming educated, nations try to resolve their issues for the mutual benefits. There are no two beliefs that the winner of the war also loses the war.

Build Your Life: Education builds your life. Of course, you have seen uneducated people are earning a very low income. Even they are not able to eat properly. If you are educated, you will get employment in a good organization and earns a lot of money. Educated people also run their own sole proprietorship business and earn a super profit.

Develop Successful Organization: When educated people work in an organization, they add knowledge to the organization. These people go overseas to working with multinational companies and learn a lot and increase their knowledge. When they return back to their countries, they join the home country organizations. By this, they add advanced skills and knowledge with other staff. As a result, the organization builds very strong and could compete with multinationals on a national boundary basis.

Nations Image: The importance of education cannot be ignored. It develops the nation's image at the international level. Our educational standard plays an important and is very helpful in making our respect grateful in other nation’s eyes.

Way of mitigating the difference: Gone are the days when education was considered one’s property. Now, there are plenty of institutes and universities that are proving education and continuous professional development to their members and students worldwide. Most common institutes are CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants), ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales), Institute of Public Accountant Australia, CPA Australia and CPA Ireland.

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