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How Do You Get Diabetes

Human health is a precious thing and cannot be compromised at any cost. But there are some severe and dangerous diseases which pose a great threat to it. Diabetes is one of them. Diabetes is defined as a collection of metabolic disease which causes high blood sugar or glucose in the blood plasma and it happens due to two reasons. One is the inadequate production of insulin and the other is the body’s cell not responding to insulin though it is there.
A metabolic disorder is something in which our body uses digested food for growth and energy. This food is broken mostly into glucose and works as a fuel supplier in our system.  We want to explain Insulin here as it would be used throughout this article. Insulin is a hormonal production of the pancreas. When we eat, the pancreas releases insulin in sufficient quantity. Here insulin performs a key role and transports the glucose in the blood into body cells. The moment when glucose reaches the cell, blood sugar level gets drop. Most people mix Hyperglycemia with Diabetes. These are two different diseases, however, if hyperglycemia is not cured and left untreated, it may lead to diabetes.

How Do You Get Diabetes

In order to explain this, we will pour some light on Diabetes types. Diabetes is categorized into two types:

Type 1:

It is also called juvenile diabetes, insulin-dependent diabetes or early-onset diabetes. It happens due to the non-production of insulin in the body. It is commonly found in people in teenage or early adulthood before the age of 40. Around 1 out of 100 people are suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

How to cure Type 1 Diabetes:

You have to use insulin injections for your entire life. Regular blood tests are very necessary to cure Type 1 diabetes.

Type 2:

In this type of diabetes, cells do not respond or react to the insulin found in your body. Around 90% of patients are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. People who are fat, eat a lot of sweets and chocolates are more prone to Type 2 diabetes. The very important thing I am going to share is that one can of soda taking/drinking per day is going to increase your chance of getting affected with Type 2 diabetes by 22 %. According to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, the low testosterone level in men increases the probability of developing diabetes Type 2.

How to cute Type 2 Diabetes:

a) Lose weight
b) Consult a doctor for a healthier diet
c) Proper exercise
d) Strictly monitoring of the sugar or glucose levels

Gestational Diabetes:

Gestational Diabetes is associated with pregnant women. It happens when women having high sugar in the blood are unable to develop sufficient insulin. As a result, not enough insulin is transported into cells, which leads to progressively rising levels of sugar. Gestational diabetes can be controlled with mild exercise and via proper medication on the prescription of a gynecologist.

National Institute of Health UK explains this in detail and presents its findings saying that women whose diet comprises mostly fat and cholesterol experience Gestational Diabetes during their pregnancies. 


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