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Hay Fever Symptoms

Human being reacts to various types of disease like allergies. Allergies are of various types. But today we are going to discuss Hay Fever and its symptoms. Hay Fever is a type of allergy which happens in nasal airways and causes a lot of inflammation in the nose. In medical terminology, it is called allergic rhinitis which is used to describe two conditions, one is seasonal allergic rhinitis and the other is perennial allergic rhinitis. But hay fever is associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis and we will be discussing this type of allergy throughout this article.
What Causes Hay Fever:

Hay Fever is caused by pollen especially grass pollens. They create severe irritation and allergic reaction when enter into the cells which line nose, mouth, eyes, and throat.  As a counter-attack, the immune system responds to this treating it as a virus attack. So far there is no apparent reason for Hay fever; however, these are the major risk which increases the chances of Hay fever:

a. Hay fever is coming from your family
b. Suffering from eczema or asthma


Hay fever is caused by pollen, grass, and trees. Therefore, it usually results in symptoms that are common in certain types of allergies.

The main symptoms of Hay fever are:

a. Sneezing – High or low, minute after minute. Sometimes, the patient feels better after sneezing but too much sneezing creates a headache.
b. Runny nose with watery fluid coming again and again
c. Red eyes – Quite common with disease involving allergies
d. Sore throat – Irritation of the throat caused by inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis)
e. Sinus pain – It may also cause ear, eye and throat infections
f. Itchy cough – Usually it causes a lot of trouble in the night while sleeping
g. Fatigue – Due to the bad state of the body and sore throat, the patient cannot eat properly, so it causes a lot of fatigue
h. Congested nose – Tissue expands and swells resulting from the inflamed vessel of blood.

Causes of Hay fever:

The most common causes of Hay fever are:

a. Pollen
b. Grass
c. Trees
d. Weeds

How to treat Hay Fever:

You can cure Hay fever using several medicines like:

1. Decongestants

Usually, they come in liquid and tablets form and include phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine as the main ingredient. It is used to remove nasal congestion found in the upper respiratory tract. Some famous Decongestants are listed below:

a. Oxymetazoline
b. Xylometazoline
c. Naphazoline
d. Synephrine
e. Levo-methamphetamine
f. Ephedrine

2. Corticosteroids

This medicine is very powerful and treats runny nose, itching, and inflammation very hardly. This comes in a variety of forms like spray, injections and oral tablets. But spry form is quite popular and suggested because it has very low side effects.

3. Antihistamines

Antihistamines are also available easily over the counter and come in tablets and spray forms. Newer Antihistamines medicines have been improved and put a little drowsiness effect on you. They are also called Histamine antagonists and are used mainly for allergies caused due to intolerance of proteins. 

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